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Privacy Policy

Arctan Computer Ventures Ltd, the producers of the PerlWiz application, are committed to the protection and safety of any personally identifiable information that you provide to us on-line.

All online payments are made via a secure server on an internationally recognized 'Software Store'  SoftShop, used for many years by a good number of ShareWare providers.  Transaction details are kept by SoftShop. Only contact and registration details are made available to us or anyone else.

Your contact details are kept in a secured off-line database, and will under no circumstances be made available to anyone else for marketing purposes - they are kept purely to keep you informed of updates to the product, and to warn you when your subscription term comes to an end.

If for any reason you think that your details are not accurate, or have been used for any purposes other than those outlined above, please let us know immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

If you would not like to be included in any mailings regarding updates to products - e.g. you would like to rely solely on the autoupdate facility, then please let us know. Note that under these circumstances, you will need to contact us to request new keycodes for major releases.

If you require further clarification of this policy, please do contact us.

Spyware / Information Collection - WE DON'T DO IT!!!

PerlWiz does not contain or install any software program or module that sends information to either us or any third party. If you wish to contact us, or impart any technical or personal information to us, this will be performed by you on your terms.

The auto-installation option sends no information to us. Any version checking is performed client-side (on your computer).

This is part of our commitment to you, to provide you with an honest product with no hidden 'gotchas'


We briefly tried target banner advertising. It wasn't very targeted, so we pulled it within a week.

We want to get the word out as much as possible, but not at the cost of inundating you with irrelevant adverts. As and when we find a more targeted way of doing this, we may attempt to introduce this again at a later date.

In the meantime, this is an advert-free site.

We will never introduce pop-ups or pop-unders. They're annoying and with the easy availability of pop-up stoppers, they're a complete waste of time.  If we show any adverts for other companies, they will also be relevant to this site, so that they may at least be of some interest to you! 

Please note that the Links section may link to sites that do not share our privacy policy.

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