Registering the PerlWiz Integrated Development Environment for Perl, PHP and MySQL Programmers


Order / Register

Current Price is $49.95 USD*. Ordering is through a recognised secure payment site.

* or $174.75 for a 5-user license ($75 off), or $24.95 for re-registration (half price).

You can use PerlWiz unlicensed for 30 days in order to determine whether you wish to continue using the product.  If you do, we would recommend purchasing a copy of PerlWiz from the authors for the following reasons:-

  • Continued financial support allows the product to be continually maintained and developed for the benefit of all users
  • Registration gives you access to up to a year's free updates and online support in case of difficulties
  • You are supporting the survival of the Shareware concept, and the continued availability of smaller software producers in a market where diversity is disappearing as fast as quality, support, and the voice of the consumer.
  • This is a legal obligation. Continuing to use the product after 30 days without registration means that you are breaking the law, and are leaving yourself open to prosecution. In reality, the Shareware concept relies on a degree of trust between the customer and the supplier.

When you register PerlWiz, you will receive a key-code. This registers a single user to use the software at any one time.  If you believe multiple users may wish to use the software simultaneously, please purchase multiple licenses. For more details of the legal agreement that you undertake by using the product, click here.

For further information about the benefits or registration, please see the online documentation.

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