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My Little Guide To Computer Connections

We often need it to use many types of peripherals and thus be able to connect them to our computers, boxes, TVs, screens or others. You’ll understand, I’m talking about computer connectivity. VGA, HDMI, USB, DVI … there are so many that sometimes we get lost a little, we do not know who is what and can serve what. Also, today, I decided to make you this article, history to list all the connectivity or almost all. Those you might need one day anyway, you know, just not to go for a draw before others when the time comes. I hope I can give you a little help today. What are these connectors?

  • The jack

That one, I think that you all know it because it is used often, and not only for the computer, but also in the car for example. The Jack jacks transmit the sound. Generally they allow you to connect your computer, your phone or other similar player to speakers, a stereo or a microphone.

  • USB port

The USB port is probably one of the most common connectors today. The Universal Serial Bus is an output that allows you to connect many devices such as mice, keyboards, printers, cameras, USB sticks of course and many more to your computer in general.

The USB cable for its part is a tool you need to be able to exchange data between the different connected devices that we have today. Yes, there are TVs, screens, players and many other devices that can be connected to a device with a cable if the port is present of course.

In some cases, this cable can even provide power, as with your smartphones . I would like to mention that there are different USB speeds including 1.1 low-speed version, 2.0 high-speed version and finally the 3.0 version that we meet more often, very high speed with nearly 55Gbits / s, what to make your faster transfers.

  • The DB9 and DB 25 connectors

These are actually old connectors that we do not use so much nowadays since they have been replaced on computers by USB ports, more universal and easier to use in all cases.

There are, however, some old devices, including old printers for example where you can still find the DB9 and DB 25 connectors or respectively serial port and parallel door. I think that we will not need to eternalise more than that on them.

  • Ethernet port

I think you also know this one, because we still use it a lot today although the Wifi has already found a place of choice in our lives. It is a small rectangular socket that serves to connect your computer to a RJ45 cable, on the network, a router or an ADSL box that provides the internet.

This kind of connection allows to connect to the internet or simply to connect a computer on an intranet network, allowing the sharing of different files or other data via a central.

Here I would mention that there are many variants today Ethernet cables that can be found on the market including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

  • The VGA connector

The VGA port is one of those connectors that have existed for a long time now. Today, it is often replaced because it is no longer useful, most devices have also evolved over time.

It is also called RHB HD or SUB-D15 . In general, it allows you to connect the graphics card of the computer to your screen in analog to display an image. I still want to clarify that many hardware, although old still include this type of port to be connected to a screen.

HDMI, however, has taken an increasingly larger place, supporting a much wider color palette and being much faster, either on computer screens or on TVs.

  • HDMI port

As I already mentioned, we have the HDMI port that comes next. The High Definition Multimedia Interface or SCART socket high definition, is a connector that allows transmitting multimedia data, whether video or audio in high definition, in other words not compress, which provides for better quality image and sound.

It quickly became part of the many devices we use nowadays, so much so that it should equip all the audio and video equipment that we will use from now on.

  • The Firewire interface

Last but not least of my list today, the Firewire interface is a connector that is mainly used to connect, but also to power devices that require a lot of bandwidth like digital cameras for example and well other devices.

There are now two versions of FireWire cables including the S400 and the S800, the latter being faster than the first. A small note to remember, at SONY, they call it i.Link.